“My Spring vacation” Katrin「私の春休み」カトリン先生



In a Ryokan

In a Ryokan.(旅館にて)

On 4th of April I went to Fujikawaguchiko with my friends. Of course, we wanted to see Mt. Fuji, but it was cloudy that day, so we weren’t able to see it very well.

However, we had a great time there.

We stayed the night at a Ryokan where we enjoyed onsen and had a great Japanese style dinner with crab and kobe beef.



In a maid cafe.(メイドカフェにて)

In a maid cafe.(メイドカフェにて)

Have you ever been to a maid cafe? I went to one with my friends last week!

The maids heartily welcome you, calling you “master” or “princess”. You can go there for lunch or sweets and when the maids serve the food, they’ll draw cute pictures for you on your food. I had ice-cream that looked like a kitten. Meow!

The maids were pretty busy, but it was fun to watch their costumes and play games like “rock-scissor-paper” with them.


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